Polish Song and Dance Ensemble „Wilia”, the oldest polish folklore group in Lithuania, was founded in 1955 by graduates of polish schools. Years went by but “Wilia” has remained faithful to the original ideas and it still popularizes polish folklore, culture and traditions.

From the very beginning, the ensemble gave more than 1500 performances in different places of Lithuania and abroad (Poland, Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Germany, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia), took part in many renowned international folk festivals and competitions, where won the highest awards and diplomas, made numerous recordings in Lithuanian and Polish Radio and TV.

Throughout 63 years of the existence of “Wilia”, more than 1500 people have sung, danced and played in the ensemble. Graduates of “Wilia” have established and led most of children and youth polish folk ensembles successfully operating in Lithuania.

“Wilia”was honored with numerous distinctions of the Republic of Poland and Republic of Lithuania, including the Medal of “The Distinguished for the Polish Culture”, Oskar Kolberg Medal, “Golden Laurel” of the Polish Parliament Speaker, 1st Place Certificate in Folk Choirs Category in 4th International Choirs Audition, Kitten 2012 (Bulgaria) and etc.

A rich and diversified repertoire of “Wilia” includes Polish national dances, regional suites from almost all regions of Poland, Lithuanian folk dances and folklore of Vilnius environs as well as special artistic programs of 19th century Polish saloon dances and songs, and dances and songs according to soundtracks to Polish TV productions created respectively for 50th (2005) and 55th (2010) anniversary concerts.

Today the ensemble consists of three representative artistic groups: dancers, choir and band as well as two children groups (dancers and choir) with total amount of members around 150 persons interested in polish folklore. Every member makes a great contribution to the development of “Wilia”. Maybe that’s why polish song in polish homes never stops, and polish tradition and celebration of polish heritage never disappears…